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While we were excited to exceed the fundraising goal for our dedicated participation fund, we are even more excited to report that we’ve been able to assist far more people than we projected to do advocacy and political engagement activities this year, and have spent the funds we raised for this project.

If you are considering a contribution to the Antipoverty Centre, we would suggest the participation fund as the most important right now.

We rely on community support.

We are an unfunded organisation and our work is led by unpaid people who rely on social security payments to live. We’re committed to radical transparency and will be publishing more detailed information about our finances and what we do with funds in 2023.

If you’re comfortably able to do so, we would be grateful for your support to cover our minimal operating costs. If you’re on a low income, please don’t contribute financially! It’s just as valuable if you can help by sharing our work and request for support. Scroll further down for information about what we do with funds raised including specific projects you can contribute to.


Your transaction will be processed by Stripe, a secure payment platform. Your card details will not be visible to the Antipoverty Centre or stored on our systems. You’ll be sent a receipt, however, although we’re a registered non-profit organisation, we don’t have Deductible Gift Recipient status. Donations are not tax deductible.

This form works for both one-off or recurring payments. Use the checkbox to enable repeat contributions weekly, monthly or yearly. If preferred you can also make a direct bank transfer to: BSB 313140 and account number 12384153. If you make a mistake or need a refund for any reason please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

AC solidarity contribution

Total Amount

Once our basic operating costs are covered, any additional funds are used to pay other unemployed and low income people to do things like write about their experiences, participate as event speakers, attend parliamentary hearings and other activities that include and foreground those of us usually marginalised.

Right now we need to raise enough to cover the insurance we have in place to protect our contributors and everyone who participates in our work and events – without draining our bank account completely. It’s a $2,000 bill due for renewal in January 2023.

See below for more on what we’ve done so far.

Thanks to our supporters

We’ve been able to do more than we could have imagined since the Antipoverty Centre was established in mid-2021.

Our coordinators aren’t paid for their work, but we don’t accept unpaid labour from others. As of December 2022, we’ve been able to distribute more than $12,000 to people relying on income support to live. This includes payment for:

  • expertise contributed to submissions, hearings workshops and other consultation processes
  • writing articles
  • work on campaigns
  • covering the costs of participation in protests, royal commissions, inquiries and other advocacy activities.

Our basic operating costs are approximately $5,000 a year including insurance, which is our biggest (and most important!) expense.

Funding priorities

We are committed to being transparent about what we need and use our funds for. As we build our capacity as an organisation, we will regularly publish more detailed information and breakdowns of where your contributions are going. In the meantime, we want to highlight these specific priorities. If you would like to support a particular type of work use the buttons below to contribute and the funds will be reserved for that purpose.

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