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Make a solidarity contribution.

We keep our operating costs low by doing as much work as we can ourselves. The admin fund covers our small website running costs, software, insurance and occasional travel for project coordinators.

One thing we don’t have the skills for is bookkeeping and accounting. This is important because we need to comply with regulatory requirements, but also because we’re committed to financial transparency. That means having an independent expert managing our books. We’re aiming to increase our monthly contributions enough to pay a qualified bookkeeper to get everything in order and then maintain things on an ongoing basis. Our intention is to hire someone who’s out of work or underemployed (if you know someone suitable, get in touch).

If we exceed that goal we’ll start building a buffer so we can get other expert help when we need it (like when we sometimes accidentally break this website 😳).

This form works for both one-off or recurring payments. It is optional to select the checkbox, which will enable you to choose to make contributions at your preferred amount and frequency. If you would rather make a direct bank transfer to: BSB 313140 and account number 12384153. If you make a mistake or need a refund for any reason please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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